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 The present note by the Secretary-General transmits to the General Assembly the statistical report of the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination on the budgetary and financial situation of the organizations of the United Nations system. In its resolution 63/311 on system-wide coherence, the Assembly requested the Secretary-General to create a central repository of information on operational activities for development, including disaggregated statistics on all funding sources and expenditures, building on the comprehensive statistical analysis of the financing of operational activities for development, and to ensure appropriate and user-friendly online access and regular updating of the information contained therein.

The secretariat of the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB) has worked continuously to enhance the structure and content of the present report. In particular, each new release of the survey has included more comprehensive data on revenue and expenses relating to extrabudgetary resources from Governments and from non-State donors.

While reporting on assessed contributions has remained the same, the report now contains a more transparent presentation of revenue, expenses and approved budgets, in line with the International Public Sector Accounting Standards. Notably, it features a new table on total expenses for 2010-2011 by major programme category. These categories allow CEB to collect the financial data used by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs in its report on operational activities for development, thereby reducing the reporting burden on organizations.

The present report and the corresponding analysis of the figures presented, including a number of charts on trends across recent years and snapshots on the distribution of extrabudgetary resources by country, organization and donor type, are also available on the website of the CEB secretariat ( and represent a preliminary output in accordance with resolution 63/311.