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The Chair of the Committee briefed members on the significant efforts made
by the Issue Management Group on Biodiversity of the Environment Management
Group towards United Nations system-wide engagement in the area of biodiversity, leading up to and following the tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, held in Nagoya, Japan, as reflected in the note before the Committee (CEB/2011/HLCP-XXI/INF.3). The mandate of the Issue Management Group had been extended in September 2010 with a view to implementing the findings of the Environment Management Group report entitled “Advancing the biodiversity agenda: a United Nations system-wide contribution”, which was a solid representation of the United Nations system-wide response.

He informed the Committee that, following the consideration of the issue in the Policy Committee, the Secretary-General had suggested that, drawing upon the outcomes of the Conference of the Parties, CEB could take up the need to mobilize the United Nations system in support of conserving biodiversity, and in particular to support the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020. The Chair would also use the opportunity provided by CEB to promote a coordinated United Nations system response to the implementation of the Nagoya outcomes.


Looking ahead, it was suggested that this challenge might be similar to that encountered with respect to the climate change regime in terms of linkages to the appropriate mechanisms. In particular, it would be important to ensure that a global framework would link properly with country-level implementation.


The Committee agreed that its Chair would bring to the attention of CEB salient issues related to the United Nations system-wide response in terms of how to mainstream biodiversity issues, in particular the Nagoya outcomes, into the presentation of his report on the current session of the Committee. The Committee also agreed to revert to the matter of biodiversity at its next session, in order to ascertain whether it should play a further role.