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The Chair noted that in the Millennium Development Goals Summit outcome, Member States had recognized the synergies between the Millennium Development Goals and the climate change agenda, and acknowledged that climate change
presented a key obstacle to achieving the Goals. He also recalled that the Committee, at its nineteenth session, had agreed that the Working Group on Climate Change should continue its work with a short-term focus on preparations for the
United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancún, Mexico (29 November-10 December 2010) and a long-term focus on a coordination framework for discussing strategic issues related to the implementation agenda. The Committee had also asked for greater precision and operational perspectives in the focus and cross-cutting areas under the CEB Climate Change Action Framework, and had agreed to establish a separate cross-cutting area on the social dimensions of climate change.

The Director of the CEB secretariat, in his capacity as Chair of the Working Group on Climate Change, presented the report of the Group (CEB/2010/HLCPXX/CRP.2).


The Committee took note of the briefings, and proposed that the Working Group build on the momentum created in Copenhagen, while refraining from further expanding the scope of its work. Committee members also highlighted a number of
key issues that were important to the system’s further work on climate change.

These included supporting local and domestic resource mobilization, linking climate change with human rights, increasing focus on the green economy, technology transfer and access to energy, agriculture for mitigation and adaptation, the central
role of cities as well as local-level inclusion in adaptation and mitigation strategies.


The Committee noted with appreciation the progress made in its Working Group on Climate Change. It endorsed the Group’s recommendations, including with respect to its continued work with a focus on responding to the emerging implementation architecture leading up to Cancún.