On 5 September 2003 USG Bertini wrote to UN resident coordinators to ask them to provide information in respect of access to permits and other spouse employment issues. A copy of Ms. Bertini’s request is referenced. 27 replies have been received to date. It is too early to reach any systematic analysis of the picture from these limited numbers, the more so since some of the replies are themselves interim by nature and will be fleshed out later.


No detailed record of the discussion on this topic was recorded.



  • Took note of the interim report (CEB/2003/HLCM/R.15) containing 27 replies from Resident Coordinators to Under Secretary-General Catherine Bertini’s e-mail of 4 September 2003 on access to work permits and other issues surrounding spouse employment;
  • Took note also of the useful comments being provided by Resident Coordinators;
  • Requested that the Secretariat complete the report as soon as possible, incorporating whatever supplementary information might be obtained both from Resident Coordinators and others engaged in attempting to obtain permits for spouses/partners.