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The representative of UNIDO introduced a note containing a proposal for harmonizing knowledge-sharing in the United Nations system, in support of the Delivering as One initiative. He informed the Committee that the Director-General of UNIDO had written to the Secretary-General on 16 July 2009, suggesting that system-wide knowledge management be taken up by CEB at its retreat, to be hosted by UNIDO in Vienna in April 2010. In his response, the Secretary-General proposed that the issue should initially be considered by the High-level Committee on Programmes and High-level Committee on Management.


Members thanked UNIDO for bringing its proposal to the High-level Committee on Programmes. It was noted that one lesson that could be learned from past efforts at creating a knowledge-sharing strategy was the importance of organizations committing themselves fully to the effort. While supporting the proposal, a number of agencies suggested that any effort in the inter-agency knowledge-sharing direction should not concentrate too much on establishing definitions or taxonomies, but should instead focus on linking existing efforts in place within agencies. It was also noted that the High-level Committee on Management, through its proposal to harmonize business practices, had been focusing on efforts to broaden the capability of the system to collect data about activities, and that the Committee also had a network on information and communications technology.


The Chair proposed that, rather than create a task force or working group, the Committee should invite UNIDO to present, at the next session of the High-level Committee on Programmes, taking into account views expressed, and in consultation with the interested agencies, a document that charted the way forward towards achieving improved coordination and coherence of knowledge-sharing activities across the United Nations system.