The Committee at its seventh session had agreed that the new Inter-organization Mobility Accord would be a valuable tool to enhance inter-agency mobility.  Subsequently, the Working Group had met in Vienna in August 2004 to continue its work on the new Accord.  FAO, on behalf of the Working Group on Mobility, presented the revised draft of the Inter-organization Mobility Accord to the Committee.


Members of the Committee expressed satisfaction at the progress made with regard to the Accord. It was suggested that prior to final implementation, organizations would review the proposed text with a view to clarifying and fine-tuning some of the articles.The Committee agreed that the HR Network should undertake this work and that there would be no need to revert to HLCM on this matter.

The Committee also considered future possibilities for extending the Mobility Accord to short-term assignments, General Service staff and assignments with non-UN international organizations.


The Committee:

  • Expressed its appreciation to FAO and the Working Group for the excellent work done and progress achieved;
  • Approved the Accord, in principle, on the understanding that it would be refined and finalized under the auspices of the HR Network;
  • Requested that the CEB secretariat consult with HR Network members to this effect and ensure the timely finalization of the Accord.