The HLCM Vice-Chair recalled that, in response to General Assembly’s resolution 68/244, the FB Network was leading the development of a report of the Secretary-General to analyze commonalities and differences in the UN system’s approach to the definition, funding and management of the ASHI (After-Service Health Insurance) to inform on-going discussions and identify actions which could engender more efficient and effective common approaches, noting the different business models, funding sources and demographics within the UN system.


The co-chair of the FB Network, Mr. Darshak Shak, offered an advance briefing on the main analyses and conclusions of the draft report. Mr. Pedro Guazo, UN Head of Accounts and Chair of the ASHI working group, and Mr. Nick Jeffreys, co-chair of the FBN, contributed by video conference from New York and Geneva, respectively.

The UN Medical Services noted that health quality and health costs go hand in hand.  The system of demand has to be contained but cannot be done while working in silos. Several organizations supported the involvement of the Medical Directors group stating that the issue should start with health and end with costing. The quality of health needs to be handled before the process. It was noted that this was an extremely delicate subject, the outcome of which would influence significantly the discussions of organizations’ governing bodies on this subject.

It was also noted that medical insurance and After-Service Health Insurance, are an important component of the social protection package of staff. It is essential that the necessary streamlining and cost efficiency improvements are looked at in this context, i.e. of the impact on the staff of the system.


The Committee:
Took note with appreciation of the progress of the ASHI report, which will be presented to the General Assembly by the Secretary General at the 70th resumed session.

Noted that the final report prepared by the ASHI Working Group and endorsed by the FB Network will be circulated for virtual endorsement by the HLCM by November 17th, with deadline November 26th.

Noted the need to continue work with multi-sectoral analysis and requested that the Medical Directors Working Group be involved in the further stages of the work to be conducted by the ASHI Working Group.