At its seventeenth session, and in response to General Assembly resolution 63/230 on the Second United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty (2008-2017), the High-level Committee on Programmes had agreed to establish a time-bound cluster group, co-led by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs and ILO, to prepare a draft plan of action for poverty eradication on full employment and decent work for review at its current session. The representative of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs introduced the report of the group, noting that the draft plan of action had been elaborated on the basis of wide consultations and that it was aimed at enhancing the coherence of United Nations system-wide activities in the areas of employment and decent work in the context of poverty eradication.



The High-level Committee on Programmes members suggested a number of areas to be integrated into the draft plan, including productive capacity-building, women and rural employment, and green jobs and employment opportunities in support of a low-carbon economy. With these considerations added, the Committee agreed to endorse the plan of action.