The Chair briefed the Committee on the outcome of the High-level Informal Consultation of Lead Agencies that he had convened at International Labour Organization (ILO) headquarters on 7 July 2009 with a view to defining a common framework for operationalizing the CEB joint crisis initiatives. He recalled that it had been agreed that the leaders of the initiatives, focusing on the crisis dimensions, would move forward with their work in collaboration with the cooperating organizations. It had also been decided that the templates should be finalized and preferably be operational by September 2009.


The Chair requested representatives of the lead agencies to brief the Committee.


Following its review of progress, the Committee agreed on the following next steps:

  • The joint crisis initiatives would move forward in a decentralized manner, coordinated by the lead and cooperating agencies;
  • Lead and cooperating agencies should develop methodologies for working together at the country level with resident coordinators and the United Nations country teams, either through the United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks or through joint initiatives in response to the crisis, which were to be defined locally;
  • Lead and cooperating agencies should consider how the initiatives could be supported at the regional level;
  • As not all lead agencies were present in all countries, the United Nations Development Group should assist in bringing the initiatives forward to the country level;
  • The High-level Committee on Programmes would discuss further at its next session a light reporting mechanism to review progress and identify emerging issues.