Determination of level of separation payments

Introductory note. Benefits payable on separation from service include mainly so-called "separation payments", i.e. repatriation grant, commutation of accrued annual leave, death grant and termination indemnities under rules set by the General Assembly, in particular, decision 36/459 of 1981 and resolution 39/69 of 1984. The term "separation payments" has been used by the General Assembly since 1981. Earlier decisions make reference to "terminal payments" (e.g. resolution 31/141 of 1976).

Repatriation Grant

(1) At the 12th session (April 1952: CO-ORDINATION/R.124), in order to provide a basis for uniformity in administration of the repatriation grant, the Committee worked out a series of principles enumerated on pages 6-9 of CO-ORDINATION/R.124. At the 13th session (September 1952: CO-ORDINATION/R.132, paras. 23-25) the Committee made certain further proposals on the subject.

Lump-sum payment in case of death - death grant

(1)     At its 19th session (March 1958: CO-ORDINATION/R.264, paras. 28-29) CCAQ agreed a schedule of lump-sum benefits to be paid in the event of the death in service of an official with a long-term contract who left a dependent spouse or child. The amounts were set out in paragraph 28 of CO-ORDINATION/R.264 and were to be reviewed if and when the average of survivor's benefits paid by the Joint Staff Pension Fund reached a more adequate level.

Group life insurance

Introductory note. Several organizations have developed a group insurance, accessible to their staff, which covers the risk of death or invalidity. The insurance premium is normally paid in full by the staff member and is generally subtracted from his salary each month by the organization, which sends it to the insurance company. The organization limits its action to the negotiation and administration of these group insurances.

Service benefit

Introductory note. Service benefit was introduced as part of the effort to reconcile conditions of service in regular and "field" programmes - see Chapter XIII of the report of the Salary Review Committee (A/3209). Under the conditions approved by the UN General Assembly the recipient of service benefit would not be eligible for repatriation grant, nor would he be a full participant in the Pension Fund - he would be an associate participant, covered for death and disability benefit, but not for retirement benefit.

Termination indemnities

(1) At the 14th session (April 1953: CO-ORDINATION/R.142, paras. 31-36) CCAQ agreed that, while it would be prudent for ILO to retain the provisions of its staff regulations regarding payments in annual instalments of termination indemnities, the Committee should defer to the next session a further discussion on the possibility of recommending that all organizations to accept such a method for application in the case of a major emergency involving large-scale reduction of staff.