After 14 years of devastating civil war in Liberia, a peace agreement was signed in August 2003. A national transitional government was established and urgent reconstruction needs were identified by organizations of the UN system, together with the World Bank and other partners.

In the transition period, UN organizations have been working together within the Results-Focused Transition Framework adopted by the transitional government. UNDP is funding five reintegration projects and is implementing capacity-building initiatives and activities to increase access to care, support and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. It is also supporting the work of the Independent National Commission on Human Rights to develop a national action plan on human rights. UNICEF is helping protect and support vulnerable communities and groups, including women and children. UNFPA has provided support to protect women and helped to raise awareness of sexual and gender-based violence. Its “back to school” campaign delivered emergency school-supply kits for 800,000 children and trained 12,000 primary school teachers. It also helped to install 432 water points and basic sanitation facilities in 519 schools. WFP’s school feeding programmes have reached 395,510 children in 1,065 schools. WFP is also working closely with UNICEF and WHO to increase the capacity of the transitional government to integrate food assistance with health care. FAO and WFP have been collaborating to revive the agriculture sector.

The national immunization programme is continuing with the participation of UNICEF, WHO and other partners. It has already reached 95 percent of its target figure, having immunized 1.5 million children against measles. WHO is working with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to improve the quality of drinking water by introducing the local production of chlorine. UNEP and UNDP are working with the Government and nongovernmental organizations to help restore proper administration of natural resources. And, in close collaboration with the government, UNHCR is facilitating the voluntary repatriation of some 30,000 Liberian refugees from neighbouring countries, in addition to the estimated 50,000 who have already returned home. UNHCR is also working closely with UNMIL, IOM, partner agencies and the Government to return internally displaced persons to their places of origin.