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The improvements I am seeking to introduce within the United Nations, at both the policy and management levels, must be an integral part of a broader, system-wide effort to adapt priorities and methods of work to a rapidly changing international environment.

During the past year, the Administrative Committee on Coordination (ACC) has reinforced its capacity to address the main policy issues facing the international community, and to promote and organize joint initiatives towards common objectives

Enhancing the policy relevance of ACC’s work has been, over the past few years, one of my key objectives. My aim is to develop a common policy framework to guide the overall work of the system and, in so doing, to strengthen the Committee’s support to the central intergovernmental bodies in the exercise of their system-wide responsibilities. ACC’s progress in promoting an integrated follow-up to recent global conferences illustrates this enhanced capacity.

Proposed recommendations and outcomes for the 2013 General Assembly high-level dialogue on international migration and development

Coordinated by the International Organization for Migration and the United Nations Population Fund, in collaboration with the Global Migration Group, on behalf of the member agencies of the High-level Committee on Programmes.