Technical and non-technical expenses

(1) At its 11th session (1951: CC/A.11/SR.4 and CO-ORDINATION/R.93, section C.VII) CCAQ considered the question of distinguishing in a uniform way between "administrative" and "operational" expenses. It agreed that in those cases where it was necessary to make the distinction, as for predominantly operational organizations, the definition of "administrative" expenses developed by WHO and reproduced in No. 18 of its Official Records would be acceptable in principle.

Inter-organization charges

(1) At the 47th session (September 1977: CO-ORDINATION/R.1238, para. 48) the Committee agreed that with effect from 1 January 1978 the organizations should absorb charges of up to $50 incurred by them on behalf of other organizatons, with the exception of charges involving third parties, including staff members. It was subsequently established, following review by correspondence, that the maximum amount to be absorbed would be $20.

Extra-budgetary activities

(A) Trust-fund activities

(A1) At its 36th session (September 1972: CO-ORDINATION/R.960, para. 43) CCAQ requested its secretariat to study the implications of a JIU report on trust funds (JIU/REP/72/1). At the 37th session (March 1973: CO-ORDINATION/R.985, paras. 23-26) it noted that the report implied CCAQ action on:

(a) Clarification of the meaning of "trust fund" and related terms in the preparation of common texts of financial regulations;