The Information and Communications Technology Network commenced a project, funded by the High-level Committee on Management Plan of Action and led by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, to establish common standards and benchmarks for information and communications technology services and investments. That project will allow organizations to calculate their total cost of information and communications technology services, and in a manner that will provide for benchmarking of those services. In response to the recommendations from the joint mission, the Network is also exploring mechanisms to scale-up support to a number of selected country offices for harmonized information and communications technology solutions, based on past and successful collaboration with the United Nations Development Group in Mozambique and the United Republic of Tanzania.

In addition, the Information and Communications Technology Network has taken steps to address the growing cyber-security threat to agencies and is currently developing projects in the areas of information security awareness, coherent incident response and standard policies and standards. It is also currently developing a project for submission to the High-level Committee on Management Plan of Action to implement the recommendations from a data communications study completed in 2010, which indicated that opportunities for efficiencies existed through sharing of data communications services at the country and headquarters levels.