The Board was informed of the implications of the integrated peacebuilding strategies for the United Nations system with the purpose of initiating consideration of how to develop better modalities for United Nations system engagement in the work of the Peacebuilding Commission. The main purpose of the Peacebuilding Commission was to bring together all relevant actors to marshal resources, and to advise on and propose integrated strategies for post-conflict peacebuilding and recovery. The Commission was also mandated to provide recommendations and information to improve the coordination of actors within and outside the United Nations. The Secretary-General’s Policy Committee had further requested the Peacebuilding Support Office to initiate a discussion among United Nations partners to determine the process of applying the integrated peacebuilding strategy in countries under consideration by the Commission, and to explore the potential of using it as a tool more generally for countries not on the Commission’s agenda.

CEB focused on how the United Nations system could best backstop the new function, drawing on lessons learned from Burundi and Sierra Leone. Member organization representatives expressed support for the ongoing efforts and reaffirmed their commitment to the inclusive element of coordination introduced through the peacebuilding process.