The 22nd Session of the Inter-Agency Security Management Network (IASMN) was held at the Eurotel in Montreux, Switzerland from 23 to 25 June 2015. Thirty-seven (37) United Nations Security Management System (UNSMS) members participated in the session, with eight (8) other entities participating as observers. Mr. Peter Drennan, Under-Secretary-General for Safety and Security (USG, UNDSS), chaired the session while Mr. Drew Donovan, Head of the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) Safety and Security Division, served as Co-Chair. Ms. Florence Poussin, Chief of the United Nations Department of Safety and Security’s (UNDSS) Policy, Planning and Coordination Unit (PPCU), served as Secretary.

MSCIS – Management of Stress and Critical Incidents Stress Policy

The primary goal of the United Nations Security Management System (UNSMS) is to enable the conduct of United Nations (UN) activities while ensuring the safety, security and well-being of personnel. The conditions under which UNSMS personnel operate in the field have changed drastically over the years, particularly in light of the UN’s shift to a “stay and deliver” approach to operating in high-risk environments. This has substantially increased the number of individuals exposed to stress and critical incident stress. While many individuals who experience stress or critical incident stress are able to resume their daily activities with minimal or no disruption, some may encounter difficulty resuming such activities due to psychological, somatic or social reactions linked to such exposure.