Conclusions of the Thirty-firth Session of the High-Level Committee on Programmes (UN Headquarters, New York). Issues discussed at the session: UN Engagement on Frontier Technologies;  Frontiers Issues, focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Future of Work, Future of Learning and Education, and Future of Food; Policy Dialogue with the Youth Envoy and the “Young UN”; and Summary of Information Items: Istanbul Programme of Action for Least Developed Countries.





Action on Artificial Intelligence

The Committee decided to proceed, in as accelerated a manner as possible, with the three -step approach to pursue UN system-wide engagement on AI capacity development, and requested ITU, in cooperation with interested agencies and, taking into account the comments offered, to present a draft system-wide framework for the Committee’s consideration at its 36 th session. The Committee also agreed to explore, in parallel, additional complementary analyses on key relevant issues to inform and enrich this and other ongoing initiatives.

Action on Future of Learning and Education

The Committee supported the analysis and recommendations put forward in the discussion paper and approved it, subject to the incorporation of the comments made, for onward submission to CEB as an input to its forthcoming session. The Committee requested UNICEF and UNESCO to lead an inter-agency process to prepare a proposal for system-wide engagement on this topic for consideration at its thirty-sixth session.