The UNDG Chair, Ms. Helen Clark, opened the first UNDG meeting of the year by introducing Mr. Amir Abdulla, Deputy Executive Director of WFP, in his new role as UNDG Vice-Chair as of 1 February 2016. The UNDG Chair noted that in his dual capacity as UNDG Vice-Chair and Co-Chair of the UNDG Sustainable Development Working Group, Mr. Abdulla would help ensure that the UNDG further advances the integration agenda and working across the entire UN Charter with focus on how the UN system can best engage together in order to support and deliver on sustainable development results.

Issues discussed were 2016 ECOSOC Operational Activities Segment and Second Phase of the ECOSOC Dialogue on the Longer-term Positioning of the UNDS, Briefing on recent and ongoing work of the ASG Advisory Group, UNDG key messages for a strategic 2016 QCPR, Theory of Change for the UNDS to function as a system for relevance, strategic positioning and results, Universality and the 2030 Agenda, UNDG conflict and development analysis tool, 2016 UNDG work plan, AOB. 

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