In response to General Assembly resolution 63/230 on the Second United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty (2008-2017), a time-bound inter-agency cluster group was set up by the High-level Committee on Programmes in 2008. To enhance the coherence of United Nations system-wide activities in the areas of employment and decent work in the context of poverty eradication, the group prepared a plan of action, which was endorsed by the Committee in 2009. The plan builds on the platform already developed in support of the CEB toolkit for mainstreaming employment and decent work, as well as the work undertaken through the Joint Crisis Initiatives on the global jobs pact and the social protection floor.

In support of efforts by Member States, the plan of action has been developed around the following four activities: (a) awareness-raising about employment and decent work as an effective development strategy for poverty eradication; (b) strengthening capacity-building; (c) providing support in integrating decent work towards poverty eradication into national and international policies and programmes; and (d) sharing good practices in promoting employment and decent work at the national and international level. The United Nations system continues to advance its work on full employment and decent work as a means to eradicate poverty through the cluster group by sharing country-level experiences among United Nations organizations and engaging in dialogue with Member States and civil society on the issue. As anticipated in the decision of the High-level Committee on Programmes, the cluster group has also met to share examples and applications related to the global jobs pact.