The 2010 MDG Summit concluded with the adoption of a global action plan -- Keeping the Promise: United to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals -- and the announcement of a number of initiatives against poverty, hunger and disease. The Secretary-General and CEB members welcomed the Outcome of the 2010 High-level Plenary Meeting on the MDGs.

Under the aegis of High-Level Committee on Programmes (HLCP), CEB has been engaged in reflecting on the linkages between the global action plan and the broader development agenda, including the need for fairer, greener and more sustainable globalization.

In response to calls from Member States on the need for the United Nations system to support the design and implementation of national strategies aimed at achieving the MDGs, CEB, through the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) endorsed the UNDG MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF) as a way to support country efforts to accelerate achievement of the MDGs. 

The Framework builds upon existing national efforts and generates country-specific acceleration plans, which bring Governments and other partners together around the most critical development priorities for that country. About 45 countries have been working with the MAF, and many have already completed the actions plans, with several moving on to their implementation.

At its November 2012 meeting, CEB agreed to include, in the semi-annual meetings of the Board, a review of the implementation of MDGs at the country level, building on existing mechanisms, including the UNDG MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF).

The CEB initiative is aimed to better align UN-system wide support to the implementation of these country owned acceleration plans. 

A first such review is being carried out during the first regular session of CEB in April 2013.