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HRN: Regular and Extrabudgetary 15.06.2016

These charts shows percentage of Regular Budget funding in each organization. Three charts are presented to cover all the organizations, the first for the UN and its Funds and Programs, the second for specialized agencies and the third for the other organizations.

FBN: Extra Budgetary Resources Trend – Non-State Donors 15.06.2016

Four main classes of non-state donors have been identified for organizations reporting their contributions:

A) European Commission – as a largest non-state donor, and in line with FAFA requirements, a separate category is dedicated to EC;
B) 5 major non state donors from “UN system organizations, World Bank, IMF and development banks”;
C) 5 major non-state donors from “other International Organizations, NGOs, foundations, private companies, other entities”;
D) All remaining non-state donors other than the EC or the 5 major donors in categories B and C.