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HLCM: Report of 22nd Session (September 2011, Washington) 15.06.2016

Conclusions of the Twenty-Second Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Washington, D.C., 26-27 September 2011). Issues discussed included: Security and Safety of Staff; Programme Criticality Framework; Improving Efficiency and Cost Controls; Common Principles on Results Reporting; UNDG-HLCM Mission to identify country-level bottlenecks in business practices; HLCM Networks; Mandatory of Separation, ERM.

Document reference: CEB/2100/5

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HRN: Federation of International Civil Servants' Associations (FICSA) 23.02.2017

Founded in Paris in 1952, FICSA is a federated group of 29 staff associations/unions from organizations belonging to the United Nations common system. Nine staff associations/unions outside the common system have associate status. Fifteen staff associations/unions are consultative members and twenty-five Federations of United Nations Staff Associations (FUNSA) are observers.

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HLCM: Action on FICSA proposal regarding the cost-sharing of elected official 04.08.2016